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10 Steps to Be Prepared For an Eye Exam:

Updated: Dec 29, 2021


  1. Bring your ID & insurance card⁣

  2. Bring a list of your medications⁣

  3. Bring your primary care physician contact information (and other relevant specialists like your neurologist, cardiologist, rheumatologist, nephrologist, oncologist).⁣

  4. Bring a well fitted mask. A well fitted mask will prevent fogging!⁣

  5. You should bring your glasses or contacts- you would be surprised how many forget!

  6. I recommend removing eye make-up and false lashes prior to your appointment as it makes it easier to exam the eye fully including your eye lashes.⁣

  7. Something to read or listen to (with headphones). A full dilated eye exam can take sometime, especially if you need additional testing in the clinic.⁣

  8. Bring a list of questions for your eye doctor.⁣

  9. Bring sunglasses- dilation drops usually last 4-6 hours and can make you light-sensitive.⁣

  10. Bring a driver if you do not feel comfortable driving home after dilation or if you may be having an in-office procedure.⁣


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